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Darkness, light, warmth, cold, silence and sound – the ground zero of creating space – were the focus of a mystical experimental exhibition at the Museum of Estonian Architecture in Tallinn in February 2016. An attempt to speak about space, its creator and its user as a coherent whole, the exhibition acts as an intimate meeting with professionals who create the environments we inhabit. “Expedition Wunderlich: 11 Interior Architects” was only opened on Saturdays and Sundays, 1 hour at a time (12 pm – 1 pm).

At the focal point of the exhibition are 11 interior architects and designers who have all graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts’ (EAA) Department of Interior Architecture at one time or another. According to professor Hannes Praks, the current head of the department, the exhibition deals with the fundamentals of space creation. “When you’re studying to become an interior architect, you deal with opposites – darkness and light, warmth and cold, silence and sound – all things you have to be able to master. That’s why this exhibition, a collaboration between the department and the museum, where current students encompass a pivotal role, was created,” explained Praks. Why was a cellar chosen as the location? “Because the main characteristics of a cellar is actually darkness. And darkness is symbolic in many ways regarding the subject matter of the exhibition,” Praks, whose previous project with the students of the department were the wooden megaphones that captured media attention all over the world, offers an explanation.

The exhibition space design is oriented towards the different senses and creates a whole, which one can enter like a time machine. The viewer is drawn into different eras at breath-taking speed – or, on the contrary, with slow sureness. The interior architects’ and designers’ portraits and clips from their speeches create an image of their presence. Moving exhibition stands help personalise the viewing experience of drawings. The exhibition’s limited opening-hours create a concentrated atmosphere – an incredible, dramatic event-space that unfolds here and now.

Participants: Bruno Tomberg, Leila Pärtelpoeg, Vello Asi, Teno Velbri, Mait Summatavet, Taevo Gans, Aulo Padar, Juta Lember, Eerik Olle, Pille Lausmäe, Taso Mähar
Curator: Carl-Dag Lige
Producer: Hannes Praks
Exhibition design: Hannes Praks, Katrin Talvik, Merilin Tee, Sabine Suuster, Martin Saar, Karl Taul, Alden Jõgisuu, Tõnu Lensment
Exhibition venue: Museum of Estonian Architecture

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