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Leonhard Lapin

Professor Leonhard Lapin is a versatile Estonian architect and artist who has been active for an extensive period in both fine art, art theory and architecture as well as in literature; he is considered one of Estonia’s leading artists. Professor Lapin has been teaching at the Estonian Academy of Arts already since 1990; he has also taught, among other places, at the Faculty of Architecture of the Helsinki University of Technology and the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki. From 1972 to 1985, professor Lapin was a key member of the ‘Tallinn school’ of avant-gardist architecture in Estonia. The ‘school’ was later seen as culturally significant in the Estonian critique of Soviet politics and the ultimate emergence of an independent Estonian state, as they wrote about the failure of Soviet modern architecture and city planning, and the uniformity of prefabricated housing areas surrounding Tallinn.

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