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b210 Architects

Aet Ader, Karin Tõugu, Kadri Klementi and Mari Hunt – the four architects who form the core of b210 architecture office – have been leading our students through some of their most demanding endeavours. They tutored the course that resulted in the wooden megaphones installation as well as the Wilderness Summer School in Soomaa. In 2013, b210 curated the Tallinn Architecture Biennale TAB 2013, exploring the topic of Recycling Socialism.

One of their best-known projects is the the Tallinn University of Technology ship model testing tank and laboratory building in Kuressaare, finished in 2015, and they have designed a number of exhibitions in recent years. All of them are also active separately: editing and writing about architecture, developing architecture curriculum for schools, contributing to architectural policy in Estonia, running an architecture hobby school for children.

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